Habitat 2015

Exhibition details, participants and sponsors huge thanks to every one who supported the Habitat project!

For progress of the project, news and updates go to the Habitat blog

Gardens play a significant role in the lives of many people. A garden can stimulate peace and tranquility, provide fruit and vegetables seasonally, or be a place for family gatherings and social events. It can foster fitness and recreational activity, or encourage a connection to nature, whilst prompting a sense of pride and achievement in the owner. Residential gardens are also an essential resource for flora and fauna habitats, assisting in the maintenance of biodiversity within the region. People of diverse backgrounds or location place unique values on their gardens and what they plant, from exotic or imported specimens, to carefully chosen native, edible plants, or even ones of sentimental worth.

Habitat is a collaborative project between photographic artists Renata Buziak and Lynette Letic. The project focuses on collecting visuals and verbal stories of various residential gardens of Greater Brisbane, Moreton Bay in Queensland, (previously known as Pine Rivers), in order to provide historic and cultural material specific to the region. Residents of suburbs including Samford, Strathpine, Bray Park, Cedar Creek and Mount Glorious were invited to participate. Through visits and conversations, the artists worked over the course of the two years to develop an exhibition and catalogue of artworks, photographs and stories of these gardens.

This project was documented via a dedicated blog in order to reflect the artists’ process and progress, from meeting with participants to preparing for the exhibition. Accompanied by the catalogue and blog, the aim of this exhibition is to offer viewers an insight into the gardens the artists spent time in, the people they spoke to and the stories that were shared.

Habitat catalogue, with an essay by Dr Stephen Hobson, is available at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery during the exhibition or by mail upon request.

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