Brisbane Powerhouse
119 Lamington Street New Farm, QLD

Opening Wednesday 28 September 2016, 6-8pm
Dates 26 September - 24 October 2016

Plenty is an exhibition that explores our interconnectedness and dependence on the natural world, and is a central part of RONA16 the Rights of Nature Australia National Arts Fiesta.

Artists: Davida Allen, Chris Bennie, Renata Buziak, Felix Cehak, Daniel Della Bosca, Alana Hampton, Kelly Hussey Smith, Kay Lawrence, Donna Marcus, Merete Megarrity, Daro Montag, Bruce Reynolds, Peter Thiedeke and Marian Drew.

Plenty is curated by Associate Professor Marian Drew, Griffith University in consultation with Co-Founder and National Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance, Dr Michelle Maloney.

For most of human history, the natural world appeared to provide us with everything we need to thrive. But given the current ecological crisis – drive by humanity’s insatiable consumption of the world’s minerals, plants, animals, water and soils – is the Earth still plentiful?

The exhibition is a central part of RONA16 the Rights of Nature Australia National Arts Fiesta. RONA16 is hosted by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) in collaboration with artists around Australia. It is designed to celebrate Australia’s first Rights of Nature Citizens Tribunal, being held in Brisbane on 22 October. The Tribunal offers a re-interpretation of environmental governance from human-centred to Earth centred law and offers a space for all artists and citizens to question, challenge and respond to the current threats facing the natural world.


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