Presented alongside the Australasian Systematic Botany Society’s (ASBS) 2018 conference, Mind the Gap, this exhibition showcases South East Queensland-based artists who take inspiration from living systems, revealing links between art, science and nature. From ecosystems and biodiversity, to the intangible interconnections between humans and nature, Systems draws attention to a broad range of themes in a variety of artistic mediums such as jewellery, sculpture, installation and print.

Artists featured: Renata Buziak, Donna Davis, Nicola Hooper, Alinta Krauth, Rachael Lee, Sandra Pearce, Paula Peeters, Clare Poppi, Tanya Scharaschkin and Svetlana Trefilova.

Systems is curated by Melissa Fletcher, supported by Queensland Herbarium.

For information and links to artists websites go to:

Artist Statement:
This image is of Brachychiton populneus subsp. trilobus, (Kurrajong), a spiritual plant to Indigenous peoples. I wasn’t aware of its significance when I created the work years ago during my residency at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. By fusing plant and photographic materials my work is an exploration of the potential creative qualities of microbial activities during organic processes. The camera-less ‘biochrome’ images allow for a merging of art and science; trace the complex process of plant decay, while addressing its power to transform and its significance to the cycle of life. Since creating the Botanica series in 2006, I worked with many Australian healing plants in my research, in consultations with members of the Quandamooka community of Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island, and recently learned about Kurrajong from the Gunggari peoples.

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