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By Tony Preece June 29, 2010

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In the pressing of her book ‘Afterimage’ Renata Buziak creates her own landscapes and seasons of times past.

She employs chance, time and specific plants to evoke and find contemporary forms for the emotional landscapes of her childhood.

It was magic that captured the imagination of Renata, who as young Polish village girl, would watch her big sister mysteriously make photographic images appear in the darkroom she’d set up at home.

Add to that, summers at her Aunties farm and you see the early beginnings of what now informs her unique photographic images, from collecting and arranging plants to observing them change over time from a few weeks, to a couple of months.

“I’m interested in the passage of time, different environments and how my work can represent a daily process we are all part of, cycle of life, and the importance of micro-organisms,” Renata said.

“The images are created through the organic process of decomposition, by chemical and biological reactions between micro-organisms and photographic emulsions.”

The physical interaction of materials is one of collision and damage, yet the results provide images of beauty – of colour, pattern and space. From natural to abstract, the relationship between science and art are closely intertwined.

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