Three Corners of the Con

Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University - Foyer
140 Grey Street (Grey St Entrance to Qld Conservatorium Foyer) South Brisbane Qld

4 May 2011, 1 - 2 pm - One event only

Jan Baker-Finch, Vanessa Tomlinson & Erik Griswold , Nicholas Ng , Renata Buziak

Admission free

Gazania Jan

Traverse the Queensland Conservatorium building with musicians, and a dancer as they respond with sound and movement to three distinctive environments from street front, to enclosed room, to inner courtyard. Using percussion, voice, the projected images of Renata Buziak, chinese violin, miniature instruments and movement, they will let you experience the architecture from an entirely new angle!

Out on the landing: people coming and going and the noises of the street are added to the palette of percussion and dance to give a spontaneous mingling of movement and sound.

Down in the dark basement: all the rest is shut out. An intimate magic world emerges. Mysterious plant images are caught in the movement of a dancer, and the haunting sound of the erhu follows them both.

Within the enclosed garden: through the small voices of a collection of miniature instruments, and the whimsical movement of the dance, the open-secrets of plants and pathways are echoed, reiterated, conversed with.

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