Six by Six

Redcliffe City Art Gallery
470 - 476 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe

Part of the Queensland Festival of Photography 2012
19 April - 26 May 2012
Opening 19 April 6pm

with live performance of Enrapt, an experience where photography, eurythmy and music entwine to create an intimate experience about the world and its natural wonder. (Featured as a short film during the exhibition).

Six by Six artists: Renata Buziak, Walter Stahl, Henri Van Noordenburg, Joachim Froese, Paul Mumme, Peter Annand

After the live performance during the opening Enrapt will be featured throughout the duration of the exhibition in a form of a short film:
projection, photography - Renata Buziak
eurythmy - Jan Baker-Finch
music - Nicholas Ng/Jianwen (erhu) with Chronology Arts
camera - Donna Hamilton & Anthony Hamilton
editing - Anthony Hamilton

Six by Six is a celebration of the growth and diversity of photography as an artistic medium. The six artists were chosen due to their unique methods of capturing special moments in time; from the marvellous processes of natural decomposition, to the memories that shape our values, to the humorous interactions we have with the material objects around us.

Many of these artists have extended their practice to include contemporary processes and design. Walter Stahl uses photo media techniques that extend to light sculpture and drawing. He has used these methods to create a quirky series of insect images titled Unnatural Histories. Renata Buziak work offers a stark contrast by creating a process whereby decomposing vegetation interacts with the photographic materials to form natural organic images. And yet another extreme is Paul Mumme practice of deliberately designing sets that convey his impression of our interactions with the material world.

The unique individual approaches of a photographer to his subject are also clearly evident through the works of Joachim Froese, Henri Van Noordenburg and Peter Annand. Each of these artists has used photography to capture the importance of family, social belonging and spiritual interactions. The diversity in how these messages are presented is fascinating; ranging between purposefully framed metaphorical objects, etchings, images and/ or text that together tell narratives, reveal intimate memories and society’s changing beliefs.

While the exhibition is celebrating diversity in photography much of this change and development could not have occurred without the inspiration and courage of other artists using the medium. Renata Buziak and Henri Van Noordenburg have worked in collaboration on an etched image for this exhibition. The chances to see how these artists’ have worked together will be an exciting opportunity for patrons.

Public program
Saturday 28 April 10:30am

Saturday 12 May 10:30am

Saturday 26 May 10:30am

CREATIVE KIDS CLUB- SILHOUETTES AND LIGHTING Saturday 18 May 4-6 yrs 11am-12 noon 7-13 yrs 1pm-3pm COST $5

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