Doves With Me: Sharka Bosakova & Renata Buziak

381 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Exhibition dates: 17 January to 2 March 2013

Image: 'Doves With Me' Kaftan, Screen print Jacek Rybinski, Photo Louis Lim

Doves With Me showcases the collaborative potential between the fields of photography and fashion design. The works displayed have grown out of Sharka Bosakova and Renata Buziak’s mutual fascination with nature. The artists’ shared interest in the cycle of life and the creative and transformative potential of nature led to their fusion of art forms, where Sharka’s garments feature hand screen printed patterns from Renata’s photographs. The resulting works reflect the beauty and fragility of our ecosystem and the ever pressing need for ecological sustainability.

Renata Buziak is a Brisbane-based artist who has established an unusual photographic process which she calls the biochrome. The process focuses on the effect organic decomposition has on photographic materials. The resulting images harness the creative potential of natural processes and are a unique take on the science of photography.

Sharka Bosakova launched her eponymous label in 2011 to much acclaim at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. Her simple yet elegant cuts are designed to flatter the female form, and rather than conforming to seasonal trends, they stand as timeless additions to any wardrobe. Sharka’s interest in the texture and craftsmanship of fabrics adds an extra layer to her garments, which she produces mainly in natural materials such as silks and cotton blends.

Sharka Bosakova
Renata Buziak

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Artisan January 2013

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