Studio BANK
ul. Daniłowiczowska 18B, 00-093 Warszawa, Poland

7pm, 25 November 2013

Theme: Human Family - Anabasis.

"Anabasis" (from Greek) - going through unmarked territory.

Previous Trans-Art-Symposiums:
Human Family - is a project that unites artists form all over the world. On March 8, 2013, artists from Brisbane, Australia, New Delhi, India and Warsaw, Poland had met, unified by the passion of art. See what was going on in Studio Bank - Warsaw's cultural venue.

Human Family - 8 marca spotkali się artyści w trzech miejscach na świecie: Brisbane w Australii, New Delhi w Indiach i Studiu Bank w Warszawie.

At Studio Bank Poland 2013
India 2013
Muzeum Drukarstwa, poland 2012

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