The 29th IHC 2014

Art and Science at The 29th International Horticultural Congress
The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Brisbane Qld

Unfolding Rhythms exhibition with Soundscapes by Vanessa Tomlinson

17 - 22 August 2014

The Art and Science exhibition will also feature works by artist Narelle Urquhart, a Compendium of Horticultural Images and the Photographic competition

The theme of IHC 2014 "Horticulture - sustaining lives, livelihoods and landscapes" has the following sub-themes:
    Sustaining lives
    Sustaining livelihoods
    Sustaining landscapes
    Tropical horticulture

and sessions with the:

Fifth World Congress for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (WOCMAP)

For details please visit the The 29th IHC 2014 website


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