Flux Performance

‘Flux’ is an experience for all the senses. Visual artist Renata Buziak, sound artists Vanessa Tomlinson and Nicholas Ng, and dancer Jan Baker-Finch combine their skills to create a performance in which the place (Mooloomba Reserve) and the time (waning moon, mid winter) play their own unpredictable roles. All this takes place in front of Rock Place, an installation designed specially for the Reserve by Shane Thompson Architects.

FLUX was created during artists residency program of the Hot Island Lines in the Sand Arts Festival on North Stradbroke Island, 2014; and performed on Friday 28 June at the Mooloomba Reserve, Point Lookout.

Thanks to Vicki Kelleher for joining the Flux team with her poem:

Running Walking Running by Vicki Kelleher (2014)

Running Walking Running
along my path.
Soft dirt,
branches above, enclose, embrace, welcome me.
They tell me
To breathe their air
To feel the coolness of their leaves
and to drink from their water.
Breathe in deeply, says tree,
Know the pathway on which you travel
Has been felt before, laid down long ago.
Know that ancient woman spends her nights with moon
planting seeds
only now just beginning to grow.
Know that she speaks through the trees, across time
And does not ask me
But tells me to listen.
Listen first.
This is not my path, it is hers, then ours.
We belong here but for a second.
Salt spray blows across my face and I breathe in its
taste on my tongue.
The dream that has been dreamt
Continues today.
Notice the painting across sky.
Cloud, mist, light, sun, moon.
Shelter in light,
Share in our warmth,
Reaching up to sky and down to earth,
Ocean nourishes my bones and cleanses my own dreams.
I breathe out discouragement and breathe in freedom.
My tread is lighter,
And it echoes….

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