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      Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018
     Title: Obscuring the Camera
Noir Darkroom
57 Moreland Road, Coburg VIC

Opening: 7-10pm Friday 2 Nov 2018

Exhibition dates: 31 October - 25 November 2018

Obscuring the Camera is an exhibition of photographic works that push the boundaries of traditional photography. In these works light takes prevalence over camera and concept outweighs subject.

Image: Renata Buziak Singing Lesson (self-portrait)

Group Exhibition Curated by Jessica Schwientek, Assistant Curator Nicholas Brunker.

Exhibiting Artists:

Alex Meagher, Amanda Whiteside, Carl Rainer, James Tucker, Janine McGuinness, Jean Baulch, Jessica Schwientek, Kate Golding and Evie Golding Kemp, Keira Hudson, Leigh Lambert, Kirsty Macafee, Luke Fazekas, Mark Grant, Mayelin Do Santos, Nicholas Brunker, Renata Buziak, Raimundo Tapia, Rosalind Pach, Tessa Penny.