Environmental Art Collective

White Canvas Gallery
26 Church Street Fortitude Valley Qld

18 - 22 September

Opening Night 6pm, Friday 18 September 2009

"The Environmental Art Collective is a brisbane based group of artists, scientists and environmental professionals. Our aim is to use our experience and creative energies to foster environmental awareness in the community".

ART|PLAY|SCIENCE is an exhibition designed to actively engage viewers. Coordinated by media and installation artist Rozina Suliman, the show will present works by twenty-six members of the Environmental Art Collective (EAC). Most EAC members are either environmental scientists who practice art or professional artists exploring environmental concerns through their practice.

The diverse range of exhibited works includes painting, sculpture, photography, print-making, new media, installation and fibre art. Exhibition development days have created opportunities for EAC artists and scientists to work alongside and in collaboration with each other. Concepts such as 'learning through play' and 'how playful art can aid us in communicating scientific ideas' have provided the focus for ART|PLAY|SCIENCE. An important aim of the exhibition is to engage our local community in art and environmental education. Viewers will be guided through the exhibition and encouraged to interact, draw inspiration and learn from the artworks presented.

Artists featured in ART|PLAY|SCIENCE include artist John Coleman, known for his cicada sculpture 'The Two Wings of Culture' at the Cultural Centre Busway, and Renata Buziak, a photographer who combines organic matter with photographic emulsions to create her 'Biochromes'. Paper artist and designer Lesa Hepburn, who specialises in works made from natural fibres and collected objects, is also featured. She says, "the works I produce are strongly affected by the seasons, by the locations in which I work and by biological processes such as the retting of plant fibres." Other EAC artists and scientists have investigated a wide range of themes such as plant biology, land-use, sustainability, consumerism and human inter-connectedness with our planet.

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