Mundaring Arts Centre (MAC)
7190 Great Easter Hwy, Mundaring WA
    30th July - 29th August 2010
    Opening 30 July from 7pm
    A journey into the sensorial, ethereal and liminal terrain of earthly existence with works by Heather Blacklock, Renata Buziak, Brett Canet-Gibson, Dale Cooper, Sarah Elson, Catherine Higham, Lesley Munro, Gregory Pryor, Alex Spremberg, Holly Story and Greg White.
Curated by Catherine Czerw

Gallery hours: 10am - 5pm weekdays, 11am - 3pm weekends

Subterranea will take visitors to the Mundaring Arts Centre (MAC) on an adventure into visual realms that lie beneath, below or beyond the experience of the ordinary world that is so readily observed around us. Curated to complement the Mundaring Truffle Festival, this exhibition is inspired by the mystery and allure of the rarely seen truffle and takes the dark, ambiguous environment of this mysterious, black fungus as its starting point. Subterranea will present specially selected artworks that describe the ethereal, sensorial and abstracted experiences of worlds normally hidden from the human eye but conjured into existence through the curiosity, ideas and imagination of the invited artists.

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