Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP)

Cnr of Cordelia and Russell Streets, South Brisbane QLD

11 June - 16 July 2011

Opening 11 June 2011, 5-8 pm

While working on other projects I wanted to record collected items with and without a camera. Cyanotype proved to be a process of spontaneous and experimental yet rather organised preservation and documentation. Usually I work with abstract ‘biochrome’ images, magnified and without any specific reference to the actual size of the objects used. Working this way I can present great detail and allow viewers’ engagement and interpretation, which depends on their experience and imagination. However, the objectless photograms, even though faithful records, also allow for these additional layers of interpretation and meditation, as well as bringing to our attention qualities perhaps unnoticed otherwise.

The shapes and shadows of the presented cyanotypes result from physical contact of the objects with light-sensitive materials (cotton and silk in this instance) while exposed to sunlight. The sun wraps around each leaf, twig or rock and penetrates through the delicate and transparent forms of jellyfish, bluebottles and petals – leaving behind an impression on the fabric.

Cotton and silk fabric add gentleness and movement to the final traces. I’m interested in prints on fabrics and wearable art, the flow of images and tactile quality of materials, which also led me to collaborations with a fashion designer, a musician and a dancer.

Absence Series

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