52 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW
Part of the Queensland Festival of Photography 2012

30 March - 11 April 2012
Opening: Friday 30 March, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

Ben Ali Ong, Mari Hirata, Kathy Mackey, Doble & Strong, Mandana Mapar, Virginia Miller, Yavuz Erkan, Alberto Sanchez, Toby Burrows, Alana Hampton, Henri van Noordenburg, Ray Cook, Kate Bernauer, Renata Buziak, Justin Ealand, Perran Costi, Thor Engelstad.

Since the development of photography as an accessible medium of expression in the latter phase of the nineteenth century, the notion of “capturing light” as it came in contact with photosensitive materials has fascinated artists, scientists and writers. The capacity or otherwise to “capture” an environmental phenomenon also introduces the need for other materials and objects such as glass and silver plates, lenses, prisms and of course cameras into our technological culture.

While photography (digital or otherwise) is often associated with the image, the processes surrounding working with light sensitive materials often become essential “ acts” for the artist . Thus the role light plays become essential to the work on several levels. It is implicated in the imagining of the image by the artist , the making of the work by using the lens , and of course by the viewer, who without light , cannot see and therefore engage with the art work.

It is well documented that the word photography is derived from the Greek term “phos” meaning light and “graphis” meaning paintbrush or stylus. As a result the expression “drawing with light” is often used to describe photography.

In this exhibition the artists all not only present their images as based on the concept of “capturing light”, but also passionately explore the essence of light as a process in the making of their works.


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