Shadows of Your Garden: fashion + photography

Logan Art Gallery
Corner of Jacaranda Avenue and Wembley Road, Logan Central Qld

Opening Event: Friday 18 January 2013, 6.00 pm for 6:30 pm

Guest speaker : Pam Parker, Mayor of Logan City

Performances: Dheeraj Shrestha; Enrapt: movement: Jan Baker-Finch, music: Nicholas Ng, projection: Renata Buziak

Exhibition dates: 11 January to 16 February 2013

Image: Screen print Jacek Rybinski, Photo Nadia Masot & Hannah Piper

This exhibition features the collaboration between local fashion designer and jeweller, Sharka Bosakova, and photographic artist Renata Buziak, screen printing by Jacek Rybinski and photographs by Louis Lim, Nadia Masot and Hannah Piper. Many of Sharka’s innovative designs use material silkscreen printed with images derived from Renata’s experimental ‘biochromes’. This unique photographic technique, developed by Renata, uses the chemical and biological reaction between decomposing organic matter and photographic emulsions. This exhibition includes short film of 'Enrapt' filmed by Donna and Tony Hamilton, edited by Tony Hamilton.

Fashion and Photography Exhibition at Logan Art Gallery

Photographs by Louis Lim at Logan Art Gallery

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