Blue Flask. Pictorial Value of Photography 1914/2014

The National Museum in Wrocław Poland
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 5, Wrocław

Opening 16 January 2015, 1 pm
Curator: Adam Sobota

I am very pleased to say that my work Corymbia gummifera (bloodwood)… bactericide… was selected for this exhibition. You can view the selected work here: Corymbia

Further details coming soon

Blue Flask is a photographic competition at the Museum:

A hundred years ago, in 1914, one of the most famous art of Polish artistic photography work was created: the composition of “The blue bottle” made by Henryk Mikolasch (1872 – 1931). The author made the unique copy using the technique of triple-layer rubber, which involves the usage of light-sensitive dichromate compounds suspended in a solution of gum arabic. This technique allows the introduction of various pigments in subsequent steps of the process obtaining a final multicoloured image. “Gums” were recognised as an iconic representation of pictorial esthetics, which celebrated the greatest triumphs in the early twentieth century...

more information about the concept: Blue Flask

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